Indian Cricket

The Indian Cricket Team(also known as Team India and Men In Blue)is one of the best cricket team in the whole wide world.It is one of the top teams-due to the fact- India won many cups.Currently,in March 22 2017,the captian of the international team is Virat Kohli.The coach is Anil Kumble.India has the second largest cricket stadium in the universe,called Eden Gardens with the capacity of 68,500.To find out more information about Indian Cricket,click the link next to the picture 1.This link has many videos.


There is a Premier League called Indian Premier League(IPL). It happens every year,during April and May, when it is usually blistering hot!The founder of the IPL is Lalit Modi;it was found in the year 2008,India.Every year, 8 teams are chosen to be played;the Headquater is in Mumbai,India.